Aviator Game Casino Review in India

Aviator is gaining more and more popularity among betting and gambling enthusiasts in India. It’s a new type of slot, the so-called Crash type, and it has completely changed the online casino industry worldwide. This is one of the most popular airplane genres, and this game is also a great way to win money, all because when an airplane flies upwards it curves and flies upwards.

When the plane starts to fly upwards, players can place a bet before it starts to accelerate before taking off. When the bets are placed and the plane is flying upwards, the odds get higher and so do the winnings. At any time, the player can press stop when they feel like it or when they just want to take their big winnings. However, on the opposite side of the Aviator game, if the plane crashes, the player won’t get the prize.

Aviator is gaining popularity in India

This game has already celebrated its anniversary and promises to delight its players every year with more and better improvements and innovations. Now, in 2023, any Indian user can easily create an online casino account and start enjoying the latest mods in the most popular crash game. What’s more, to keep up with the trends, the developers have released the Aviator game for online casino mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, to make the game even more convenient for users.

Now you can experience the full potential of Aviator Bet via your PC browser or mobile version. The developers of this game are very attentive to Indian players and follow all feedback about the game. In addition, Aviator predictor is a legal game on all online casino sites. It has all the commission certificates and reviews, making Aviator betting fully compatible with Indian gambling laws.

If you’re interested and want to know more about the Aviator strategy, read this article to the end, you won’t regret it.

How to play Aviator

Playing and betting on Aviator online is a pleasure, but if you’re new to the game, we’ve put together special instructions on how to place your bets in this game that are as clear and simple as possible. Once you’ve read these instructions, it will be easy to place your first bet and win your money. Here’s how to bet online and in the app:

Sign up for the online casino

How to register in Aviator online casinoFirst of all, make sure you’re logged in to the online casino’s website or mobile app. Then you’ll see the “Register” button, fill in all the items you’ll be asked to do. After that, you’re immediately logged in and can start playing.


Recharge your game account

Replenish your gaming account at Aviator online casinoTo win real money, you have to deposit it first. So make your first deposit at the casino where you registered. To do this, click on the “Deposits” button and deposit at least the minimum amount in INR.


Select a game category.

Select a game categoryImmediately on the home page you will see a “Casino” category, click on it, and you will immediately see a page with different game categories, but most of the time the Aviator game is under “Slots”. After that, you will be taken directly to the page with the slot machines, you will see Aviator bet in the first list of categories, click on it.


Start playing Aviator

Start playing AviatorIt’s very simple, you’ll see an interface with different functions. You’ll see Auto Play, Auto Cash Out, Bet, Cancel as well as a chat panel with other players. After that, you can start placing your bets.


Enter the value of your stake

Enter the value of your bet in the AviatorWhen you select your stake, a field will appear for you to enter the stake amount. Enter the amount you want to bet. The minimum bet starts at 5 rupees.


Place your bet

Place your bet in AviatorWhen you have decided on the amount of the bet, click on the green “BET” button and the bet will be registered.

Now all you have to do is wait for the plane to take off and watch it fly and your betting odds increase. You can withdraw your winnings at any time by pressing “Cash out”. You can also place two bets at the same time to win even more money. However, we advise you to try the demo mode, where you can practice before you start playing for real money.

Aviator Game Login

Creating an Aviator account

Once you have successfully created an account at the online casino of your choice, you can log in to that casino’s website or app and start playing the Aviator bet. Joining the online casino is very simple and easy – just follow these instructions:

  • Go to the casino website or app. As with registration, you must go to the website of the online casino through which you registered or to the downloaded application, and you will see a blue “Login” button, click on it and the login process will begin.
  • Enter your login. In the first window you will need to remember and enter the username you created during the online casino registration phase.
  • Enter the password. Also in the second window, enter the password you created when you created your account. Then click on the yellow “Login Now” button.

This way, you can log in both via the website and via the mobile app of the online casino through which you registered. If you’re worried about forgetting your account details, you can just write them down on a piece of paper somewhere and hide them, or you can write them down in the notes on your phone. However, you can take the modern way and save your account details with extensions on your browser. But you can always retrieve your data simply by tapping on “I forgot my account password”.

Type for Aviator Game

Aviator Casino has other types of similar crash games

As you may have noticed, the Aviator casino has other types of similar crash games, where you can use the same principle to bet while watching an object take off and multiply the odds. Let’s take a look at the most popular prototypes of Aviator games:


Dragons most popular prototypes of Aviator games

Bet on how far the dragon can fly before it burns up. All the same features and rules as the original.


Rocket most popular prototypes of Aviator games

In this game, you have to bet on how far the rocket will fly into space. Most of the time this game is played for Bitcoins, but you can also find it for Indian rupee.


Balloons most popular prototypes of Aviator games

Some kind of animal holding balloons has to fly as high as possible and you get money for it. Similar style, bet and hope the ball doesn’t burst.

These are the three most popular Aviator crash betting games, and they’re also available in almost all online casinos that are legal in the UK. So you’ll always have a full range of this type of game.

Aviator Bonus and Promo Code

Aviator online casino bonuses

Here we’ll tell you about the most common online casino bonuses that are legal in India. You can then decide which one suits you best and start winning real money, which will not only work in Aviator online, but also in the other games featured on the platform. Take a look and read carefully:

Free bet

Free bets aviator are casino bonuses

Free bets are casino bonuses that allow you to bet for free on a slot machine. With them you don’t have to pay a fixed amount. It’s already a fixed amount, so let’s say you can bet 100 INR – completely free, and all the winnings are yours.

Welcome bonus

Welcome bonus aviator are casino bonuses

This is a big and serious bonus. One of the most important bonuses in any casino. Let’s say you can get a percentage of your deposit for signing up. Suppose you put in 3400 INR, and your casino is absolutely free to add 10,000 INR. That way, you’ll have a balance of 13,500 INR, which means you’ll be able to play more games and win more money.

No deposit

No deposit are casino bonuses Aviator

The same kind of free bets, or free spins, that the online casino periodically gives its active players so that they can win even more.

Cash back

Cash back aviator are casino bonuses

There are cashback bonuses, say when you deposit 17,000 INR, a week later you’ll receive 1700 INR as a 10% cashback. It’s the same with losses, if you lose, you’ll get a refund.

VIP bonus

VIP bonus aviator are casino bonuses

When you become a frequent player, you can receive enhanced bonuses, cash vouchers for an amount, or improved odds on different games. But you have to play casino games at least once a month for this to happen.

Promotional codes

Promotional codes aviator are casino bonuses

There are also promo codes for the Aviator predictor which can include various bonuses. These range from free bets to deposit bonuses to suit all tastes.

There are already many online casinos that offer unusual and lucrative bonuses to their customers. Some online casinos even give exclusive bonuses to players who install the app on their smartphones. However, it’s up to you to choose which casino you play at and what kind of bonuses you receive.

Deposit methods at Aviator

Making a deposit in Aviator is simple and easy

Making a deposit is simple and easy on any online casino site or application. All you need is a casino account and the payment method you want to use to deposit. You can then use our special instructions that apply to each gaming platform:

Log in to your account

If you have a registered account, go to that casino’s website or app and log in to your account.

Make a deposit

Then you will see a special button, “Deposits”, click on it, then you will be taken to a menu with different payment methods. Choose any payment method that suits you.

Enter the value you prefer

Then simply enter your preferred deposit amount and click on “Deposit Now”.

Your funds will then be credited to your account in no time and you can start using them immediately for sports betting or in the casino. To avoid deposit problems, go through the account registration process.

Also, to make it easier for you to understand, here is a clear example of which payment methods are common in legal online casinos in India:

Type of paymentMinimum deposit amountMaximum deposit amountProcessing timeDeposit fees
AstroPay500 INR500,000 INRImmediateFree of charge
Visa300 INR1,700,000 INRImmediateFree of charge
Mastercard300 INR1,700,000 INRImmediateFree of charge
Maestro300 INR1,700,000 INRImmediateFree of charge
Click to pay300 INR400,000 INRImmediateFree of charge
Wire Transfer17,000 INR1,300,000 INRImmediateFree of charge

As you can see, they charge absolutely no fees for depositing funds into your account. You can therefore deposit funds safely and easily and play Aviator online or other games of chance.

Pick-up methods at Aviator

How to withdraw your winnings from Aviator online casino

To withdraw your winnings from an online casino, all your winnings from the Aviator jacket, then you also need to have an account. Find out how easy it is to withdraw your winnings from the online casino with our step-by-step guide:

Log in to your casino account

Go to the online casino’s website or application where you will need to log in to the account you have created using your username and password.

Making a withdrawal

Go to “Deposits”, then “Withdrawals”. There you can select any payment system you like.

Enter the required amount

You can then enter the amount you need to withdraw, and then click on “Withdraw now”.

This way, you can easily withdraw your winnings from your account. However, you will still have to go through the process of verifying your account beforehand. To avoid withdrawal problems, you should verify your account. 

Also, to make it clearer, you can take a look at a typical table with withdrawal methods, among the popular Indian online casinos:

Type of paymentMinimum withdrawal amountMaximum withdrawal amountWithdrawal timeWithdrawal fees
AstroPay800 INR∞ INRImmediateFree of charge
Visa800 INR3,300,000 INRImmediateFree of charge
Mastercard800 INR3,300,000 INRImmediateFree of charge
Maestro800 INR3,300,000 INRImmediateFree of charge
Click to pay800 INR3,300,000 INRImmediateFree of charge
Wire Transfer25,000 INR∞ INR1-2 daysFree of charge

Likewise, the casino doesn’t charge any withdrawal fees, but it does take care of these costs, so you’ll receive the full amount and won’t lose any money. 

Aviator mobile app

How to download the Aviator mobile application

If you’ve been looking for a convenient app for your Aviator jacket that allows you to place your bets and wager quickly, this could be the perfect solution for you. Many bookmakers and online casinos that are legal in India have their own apps. They work very well on smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android operating systems. 

You won’t be tied to a computer to bet or play casino games. As you’ll always be ready to bet, as the app will always be with you, anywhere and anytime, you’ll always be able to bet quickly. Or start playing any game you like, including Aviator online. What’s more, you’ll always be aware of bonuses for Aviator casino and other games thanks to notifications.

Aviator Strategy and Tips

Is there a 100% winning strategy in Aviator

Every new player wonders before they start playing Aviator – is there a strategy for winning one hundred percent? In this block, we’ll see what strategies and top tips are available to help you win real money. 

  • Playing with minimum risk. The road to success always comes through difficult obstacles, and that’s why you’re here with this strategy. Bet at a notional 50 rupees, and as soon as the plane climbs to odds of x1,2-2, cash out immediately.  That way, winning 10-50 rupees per minute can achieve a lot, can’t it?
  • A high-risk game. Aviator online has a tendency, once in 97 games, you can see odds of x200, and it’s important for a player not to miss this moment. And it’s in this range that you bet the highest amount possible. It can bring fabulous winnings. Let’s say you bet 100 rupees, you could win 20,000 rupees every time!
  • Maximum efficiency. Professional gamblers try to bet through two windows at the same time. So try to learn how to do this too, place minimum bets on 2 windows and, as the plane takes off, cash out safely on your feeling and, with the other bet, lead in case you get to x50-x200 odds.

However, a good player always makes the perfect strategy exactly for himself. So the sooner you start playing the Aviator bet, the sooner you’ll get the hang of the game, and the sooner you’ll discover your perfect winning strategy.

Aviator game advantages

Aviator has many advantages

This game has many advantages over the tried and tested standard slots. This type of shock game is totally innovative and many Indian players are already making money with it. Here’s a list of the benefits of this game:

  • Features. Everything in this game can be fully automated. If you like to watch the AI play, just turn on AutoBet. Also a very cool feature is that you can AutoCash Out, you can set at what odds the AI will automatically take the money you win.
  • Chat. It’s more fun when you play and win money while chatting with like-minded people. Aviator bet has such a chat room, where you can constantly communicate with the same players who are currently playing and betting on the Aviator game.
  • Professional statistics. You can track your game statistics in real time over the last day, month, hours and minutes. With this, professional players can do their analysis and predict when the next odds will be x200.

You’ll notice many of the benefits yourself when you try playing this game of chance. However, it’s safe to say that you can win real money in this game in almost no time at all. 

Aviator demo

Demo version of Aviator game

Also, for beginners, we recommend that you first try the Aviator betting demo mode. You’ll be able to familiarize yourself with the game in detail without having to spend any money. Almost all popular online bookmakers and casinos have this feature. Here’s a list of where you’re sure to find a demo version of this game: 

  • Betano
  • Star bet
  • Bet365
  • Pin-up
  • 1win
  • 1xbet
  • Parimatch
  • Betfair
  • Sportsbet io
  • 4rabet

Give it a try, maybe you’ll immediately understand how this game works and immediately come up with a super strategy that will help you win money very quickly. Or maybe the opposite, you won’t like it and want to try something else.

Support aviator

You can always contact the Aviator support team

If you have any other questions about the app or the games and betting, you can always contact the online support team at your bookmaker or online casino. On almost all platforms, you can ask any question related to casinos and other gambling activities 24 hours a day, and qualified staff will always get back to you as soon as possible. This can usually be done via online chat, or through social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, or messengers like Telegram, Whatsapp and the like. You can also ask questions about registration or verification. Most of the time you’ll find support in English, which is the most common language, but there are also online bookmakers and casinos that will speak to you in Hindi.

Aviator India - A Legally Licensed and Certified Online Gambling Platform

You don’t have to worry about the legality of the Aviator game because we check it a hundred times before publishing any information. We only inform you about trustworthy games that have been verified by us. The Aviator has world-class licenses and certifications, which makes Aviator completely legal nationwide. In short, it is very well regarded and meets all the requirements of the Indian government. So there will never be any questions about why you have so much money because of gambling.


Thank you for reading this review to the end, we will be happy if this review helps you and allows you to win real money. At the end of this article we’ll show you the most popular questions about Aviator online among Indian players.

Why can’t I get my money back on the demo game?

This is an Aviator bet presentation game, which means you have a virtual balance that you have nothing to do with. It’s just a practice mode, where you can never win real money. The demo mode is mainly used to hone your skills in this game.

Is this game available in all casinos?

All legitimate Indian online casinos and bookmakers have this game one hundred percent. You can find other reviews on our website where you can choose any platform you like. This could be Parimatch, 1win and others. The choice is yours and yours alone where to play and win money.

Is Aviator really a fair game?

Yes, it has passed all the commissions and tests, Aviator has a strict RNG mechanism so you can be sure it’s an honest crash game. There’s no way to cheat, as there’s always a random scenario going on.

How to choose the best bonus?

It all depends on the types of bets you’re making and how much you’re betting. You can find out more about Aviator bonuses in our other article.

Can I really make a lot of money with Aviator?

Yes, of course, as we mentioned above, Aviator has a maximum probability of x200. So if you bet 1,000 INR, you could win 200,000 and be able to withdraw it immediately.

Is this game for real?

Of course, if this game didn’t exist, there wouldn’t be this review and there wouldn’t be this game in all the popular Indian online casinos. So this is a one hundred percent real game where you win real money.

Comments (6)

I recently stumbled across Aviator because I wanted something new, and on first impression I thought it was a totally silly game, but after playing the demo, I loved it. I miraculously manage to earn a few thousand dollars a week.

I’ve always wanted to play casino games, but I didn’t know whether to play slots or poker, but I discovered the Aviator crash game! I registered with 1win, made a payment, received a bonus and went straight to Aviator. Now I play periodically and make money in the process.

Hello, I’m new to shock games, I’ve always wanted to try something new and fate brought me to a casino where I found Aviator. I immediately liked the fact that the game is not cluttered with unnecessary information and only the really necessary things are present. It’s very easy to place two bets at a time, but I’m just a beginner and I’m learning. But I liked the game and will continue to play it.

I’m a big fan of shock games, especially Aviator, I play it a lot in online casinos and I already have a lot of experience with it. So I can already earn a lot of money playing this game for up to an hour a day. I even went one step further and installed the casino app on my smartphone and everything is done perfectly and I’ve never seen any glitches or bugs in the app. Everything works smoothly and flawlessly, both on the website and in the app, playing Aviator is a pleasure, good luck to you!

I find this game an alternative to the already annoying and monotonous slots. During the process of playing Aviator, I had all sorts of questions and contacted the online casino’s support, and they were quick to respond and actually solve my problems. I didn’t understand how to place 2 bets at the same time, but they showed me quickly and taught me everything.

I just tried playing at Aviator today, and after an hour’s demo, I had already registered at the casino and made a real deposit! I’ve already won 500 rupees! Everything is real and I really enjoyed it. Tomorrow morning I’ll continue to increase my capital, but the most important thing for me is that I’m convinced that Aviator is a unique game.

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